Enable Flash Player In Chrome Versions 76 and up

Flash Player is required for Animal Jam Classic to run in your browser. Recent versions of Google Chrome have disabled the Flash Player  by default. In order to play Animal Jam Classic in Chrome, you will need to enable the Flash Player.

To help prevent issues like this in the future, we offer a desktop version of Animal Jam, so you can play without needing a browser! You can download the desktop app by visiting https://www.animaljam.com/download.

Guide to enabling Flash in recent Chrome versions:

1. With the http://animaljam.com web page open, click the Lock icon next to the search bar.


2. In the pop-up window, locate the Flash option.


3. Click the drop-down next to it and set it to Allow.


4. Once this is done, click the Reload button that appears at the top of the screen.


Once done, you will be able to log in to Animal Jam Classic! Keep in mind that you will need to follow this process every time you reopen the web browser.

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