What are the Masterpiece Rules?

This is a basic listing of our guidelines, but our Moderation team reserves the right to deny masterpieces for any reason. 

Your Masterpiece may be denied if it contains the following:

  1. Personally identifiable information (full names, addresses, other personal number info, social media accounts, usernames on other sites or games, location info, private health information, etc.)
  2. Dating and relationships (including “shipping”)
  3. Bullying, bad language, and violence (weapons outside of a fantasy/sci-fi context are not allowed)
  4. Scamming or hacking behaviors
  5. Images meant to troll, demean, harm, or offend others
  6. Images relating to subjects that are meant for ages outside our player demographic 

If a Masterpiece is rejected by our Moderation team, it doesn't necessarily mean the image itself was inappropriate, it just means our team determined that it was not suitable to Animal Jam’s demographic. 

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