What types of chat can I set for my child's account?

Because we believe that parents should be involved in their children's online activities, we give parents the ability to monitor and manage their child's player account from their Parent Tools, including their child's chat settings. You can access the Parent Tools by logging in here.


Bubble Chat

Players cannot type messages, but can select expressive words and phrases from a pre-approved list. Players will still have access to the chat bar but will not be able to use it and must select a phrase by clicking on the icon to the left of the chat bar. 

Safe Chat

Players can only type words or phrases from a limited dictionary, hand-picked by our staff. Safe Chat is a safe and engaging way for children to practice their typing and social skills, and it works much like the predictive text functions on mobile phones. By default, every new Animal Jam account is set to Safe Chat.

Safe Chat - Plus

Players can freely type words and phrases to one another. Like all in-game chat, messages typed through Safe Chat - Plus are run through our safety chat filter. Safe Chat - Plus requires an activated Parent Account to enable. While all in-game chat is filtered and moderated, there may still be some chat messages that can get through and may be offensive to some players.

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