Is Animal Jam Classic safe?

The safety of every child is of utmost importance to everyone at Animal Jam HQ, and we have implemented a number of measures and procedures to assure the safety of all Animal Jam players.

Parental Tools
Because we believe that parents should be involved in their children's online activities, we give parents the ability to monitor and manage their child's player account from their Parent Account. Click here to be redirected to the Parents page, where you can activate and log into your Parent Account.

Chat Filter
All in-game chat is run through our state-of-the-art safety chat filter, which blocks inappropriate messages typed by players. To learn more about the different chat options that are available, click here. While all in-game chat in-game is filtered and moderated, there may still be some chat messages that can get through and may be offensive to some players.

Reporting and Blocking Other Players
If children witness other players being rude, inappropriate, or otherwise breaking the Animal Jam Rules, they can choose to block and report them, which will prohibit further interaction and will notify moderators of the interaction. Players can also lock their dens, which prohibits entry from any player who is not on their buddy list. Please note that if a player blocks a buddy—someone on their Buddy List—that player will be blocked, but will remain on their Buddy List until they are removed.

A team of highly-trained moderators review all in-game reports and activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a player is found attempting to break the Animal Jam Rules, moderators will take swift and appropriate action, including informing parents of any rule violations associated with their child's account.

Animal Jam is free from outside advertising and adheres to a strict Privacy Policy.

To help players keep their Animal Jam account and experience safe, we recommend parents review the Animal Jam Rules with their children.

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