Where can I buy AJ Classic gift certificates?

Animal Jam Classic Gift Certificates are a great way to give the gift of Animal Jam Classic membership. There are several types of Gift Certificates available on Animal Jam Shop.

Membership Gift Certificates
- 12 Month Membership Gift Certificate ($57.95)
     - 12 months of Animal Jam membership
     - 60 bonus Diamonds
     - 25,000 bonus Gems
- 6 Month Membership Gift Certificate ($29.95)
     - 6 months of Animal Jam membership
     - 25 bonus Diamonds
     - 9000 bonus Gems
- 3 Month Membership Gift Certificate ($17.95)
     - 3 months of Animal Jam membership
     - 6000 bonus gems

Diamond Gift Certificates
- 75 Diamond Gift Certificate ($49.95)
- 25 Diamond Gift Certificate ($19.95)
- 10 Diamond Gift Certificate ($9.95)

Gem Gift Certificates
- 100,000 Gem Gift Certificate ($59.95)
- 25,000 Gem Gift Certificate ($19.95)
- 10,000 Gem Gift Certificate ($9.95)

Click here for instructions on how to redeem a gift certificate code once purchased. Please be mindful that the bonus items listed are for our computer game, Animal Jam Classic. The membership will take affect in our app, Animal Jam as well, but not with additional currency.



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