How can I keep my Animal Jam player account safe?

Animal Jam is a very safe game, and AJHQ takes every precaution possible to ensure that nobody can access any of the information stored on the game servers.

Almost every case of a player account being "hacked" is due to the account password being compromised—the password was either very easy for someone to guess, or the password was shared with someone else.

Below are a few tips you can follow to help keep your password and your account safe:

  • When making your password, choose a word or words that are easy for you to remember, but are hard for others to guess.
  • Use a combination of capital letters and numbers to help make your password more secure.
  • Never use any part of your username in your password.
  • Never use common words or phrases as your password.
  • Protect your password! Keep your password secret! Never share it with anyone! If someone else has your password, they can log into your account and spend your Gems, change your dens and animals, or cause your account to be disciplined.
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