Let's talk about "hacks"

The real definition for hacking is using a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system. This usually never occurs with any business and when it’s done the business usually quickly has their attention drawn to it and fixed. In Animal Jam, the term “hack” usually refers to the following:

  • An account password is shared, either intentionally, unintentionally, or guessed because it’s simple or relevant to the user.
  • You’ve visited a seemingly harmless site for a free membership, gems, sapphires, diamonds, or items. Even if nothing disappears right away, often times you’ve given information they need to access your account. These are called phishing sites. Often times these can be sites that just offer Animal Jam information, but they want you to enter your Animal Jam account information.

Please keep in mind there is no such thing as fman or Jamaa urban legends. No one can get onto your account if it’s properly secure. You can ensure this security by:

  • Creating a SAFE password.
  • Do not visit sites offering to give anything for free.
  • Do not give information about hidden elements within your account page.
  • Do not download any tool or program that supposedly changes how the game would normally run.
  • Do not leave your account logged into on any computer.
  • Enable 2 Step-Verification
  • Change your password often, but never share your password reset link, or a screenshot of your password reset link, with anyone else! This will allow that person to change your password. AJHQ will never ask for your password reset link.

Enabling 2 step-verification is one of the best ways to ensure your account is secure. Devices will be required to enter a unique code sent to the parent email when first logging into the account. You can learn how to enable 2 Step Verification here.

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