How do I delete an account?

As of January 2019, we have updated the Parent Tools to include an option to delete an account. You will need access to your Parent Account in order to use this feature. 

Please note that once a player account is deleted, all information tied to the account will be gone forever, including in-game animals, Gems, Diamonds, dens, pets, and items. 

Keep in mind that once the account is deleted there is NO way for our team to restore it, so be very careful!

If you would prefer to keep your account, you can disable it instead of deleting it. Player accounts can be disabled at any time from the Parent Tools dashboard. When a player account is disabled, it is prevented from being logged into and having access to the game.

To Delete a Non-Member Account

Step 1 - Use the drop-down to select the username you would like to delete.

Step 2 - Click the Advanced Settings drop-down toggle.

Step 3 - Click the Delete button.


Step 4 - Type the Username for the Account you chose in Step 1.

Step 5 - Click the Delete Player button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you click this the account will be queued for deletion!


To Delete a Member Account

For accounts that have had a membership, you will need to contact our support team for assistance. Please make sure to include the following in your request:

  • Username
  • Parent Email attached to the account
  • Billing Information attached to the Membership (check here for the specific information needed)

Note: the Parent Tools mobile app is no longer functional and has been removed from app stores. The Parent Tools can only be accessed through our website at

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