Account & Game Support

Account & Game Support

When you submit a request/question/feedback, a help ticket is created and placed in a digital box called a queue. No matter which type of email or request is sent, every ticket is added to the same queue. Our team then reviews each ticket from the queue from oldest to newest, and then responds accordingly.

How can I help AJHQ respond to my request?

As we noted earlier, we receive hundreds of tickets from players every single day, and the tickets are answered in the order we receive them. This sometimes means that it may be several days before we are able to respond to a ticket.

After you submit a ticket, you may receive an email from our team seeking additional information that will help us as we review your request. In this case, please be sure to reply with all the requested information, including letting us know which pieces of requested info you do not have.

Tips on Submitting Support Requests

Our team responds to requests as quickly as we can, and following these tips will help prevent any unnecessary delay as we assist you. 

  • Select the Most Appropriate Request Type 
    • When you submit a request through our Help Desk, the first piece of information you provide is the request type. Please be sure to select the correct request type, as the information on the submission form is specific to each type of request. 
  • Provide the Required Information 
    • When filling out the submission form, please provide as much of the requested information as possible. Account security is extremely important to us, and our team needs to properly verify account ownership before we are able to accommodate any requests. 
  • Only Open One Ticket 
    • If you have additional information to provide or want to add a comment to your previous request, you can update your ticket by replying to it in your email inbox. Please do not open up another ticket. 
  • Password Issues Cannot Be Addressed By Our Team 
    • All user passwords are stored in a secure database and our support team cannot access or edit them. The only way to update your password is to choose the "Forgot your password?" option found in the login window.
    • Please note: if your account is not tied to a Parent Account or you have not completed the steps in the registration email, you will be unable to update your password. 
  • For Log In Requests, Provide As Much Info As Possible 
    • If you have forgotten your username or email address, be sure to provide as much additional information in your initial ticket as possible, beyond what is asked for in the form. Examples of this information include:
      • Computer/device model and operating system (OS)
      • Screenshots of any error messages you are receiving
      • Any other accounts you have been able to successfully log into on your computer/device


Keeping you and your account safe are our top priorities at AJHQ. The Animal Jam Rules, both those listed here and those found on our website, are designed to protect all players, and it is important for all players to follow them.

Always remember:

  • Never share any personal information online, including your real name and contact info.
  • Never, ever share your password with anyone other than a trusted adult.
  • Never input your account information on a website that does not belong to Animal Jam.
  • Chat safely and be kind to each other.
  • Play fair, play smart, and don't cheat.
  • Do your best to keep Jamaa and other players safe.

At AJHQ, we love hearing from our players, and every day we receive hundreds of requests about everything from our games to player accounts. Because we receive so many inquiries, we wanted to take a second to outline how we address them on our side, and what you can do to help us as we help you.

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If your question hasn't been answered in our help section, you can submit a request to AJ Support, and we will respond as soon as possible. Currently, support is only available in English. Submit a request