This is a list of BUGS and ISSUES that our team is aware of as of 2/8/2022.

Keep in mind that some bugs may take longer than others to fix and may not be implemented until our next update. 


Recently Fixed

Thanks to your reports, these bugs have recently been resolved by our team. Be sure to go and try again should it have been causing you issues in the past:

Our team is actively working on these issues and will have them resolved as soon as we can:

Account Errors

  • I can't log in to one of my accounts!
    • A few players have experienced issues with account logins due to their avatars not being equipped properly. If you think you're experiencing a similar issue, please submit a ticket here: Submit a Request.
  • When I go to make a Masterpiece, it keeps telling me that Masterpieces are disabled on my account.
    • This issue tends to occur after using the Brush tool for heavily detailed artwork, the art system gets overwhelmed by your skills!
    • Try making the top-left corner of your Masterpiece one solid color by adding a dot of paint. That usually fixes the issue!

Application Issues

  • My desktop installer is crashing!
    • Some Jammers on Mac OSX 10.11 and Windows 7 & 10 are having issues installing the Animal Jam Classic desktop app. Our developers are working to find the source of the issue!
  • When I try to install the AJ Classic App, it opens the Animal Jam app instead.
    • Use your computer's built-in Uninstaller (in the Control Panel) to uninstall both apps. Delete any old installers, then download and install the app again.
    • If you play both Classic and AJ, make sure you download the Classic app first.
  • Every time I try to log into the Desktop app, it says my account doesn't exist but I know my account exists!"
    • This is just an issue with your account's current password being out-of-date. Simply reset your password and you should be good to go!
  • I can't use my tablet to draw or move around!
    • Unfortunately some tablets are not currently functioning with Windows computers. Try using another device when you want to use your tablet!

World Bugs


  • Forgotten Desert is no longer active? 
    • The Forgotten Desert remains down for maintenance and will not be available for the foreseeable future. We will let the community know when the issue has been resolved.
  • The wrong item is connected to the hidden Epic Den shop!
    • It seems the Alphas got their hairs crossed when decorating this Epic Den. We will work to get the hidden shop moved to the right place as soon as we can!
  • The Host Your Own party I created disappeared from the party list!

    • It seems the parties are so exclusive they aren't even allowing Jammers to advertise them! The devs are looking for a fix, but in the meantime try to only host parties before 11pm or after 12am.

  • The adventure audio in The Hive is not playing!
    • It seems the Phantoms have messed with the radio, we'll get the Alphas to track them down and turn it back on. In the meantime, you can listen to your own tunes!
  • I can't reach the scroll bar to select a buddy's name for my Den Portal!
    • Our devs will look into the source of this bug. In the meantime, try scrolling through your buddy list with a mouse that has a scroll wheel.
  • Hosting a party takes my Diamonds but won't allow anyone to join!
    • It appears that when a player purchases a party with their Diamonds, the Phantoms hide the party from the list. Therefore no one is able to join, and yet the Phantoms still take the diamonds!
    • The Alphas working on making sure the Phantoms stop hiding these parties, so players can resume their parties as usual!

Automated Accounts

AJHQ has been seeing many automated accounts attempting to crash our servers. These accounts are made by a few people that are determined to ruin other players’ fun. You may have noticed these repetitive accounts in the game and end up worrying; can the bots hurt my account? The short answer is no, those accounts cannot hurt your account nor its data, though they can be annoying. Following these tips can help keep the automated accounts from bothering you:

  • Follow the guidelines for a safe and secure password.

  • Disable your buddies, trading, and messaging (or limiting them to buddies only) to stop bots from pestering you, but it is not necessary to keep your account safe.

  • Report any suspicious in-game activity through the standard reporting features on other accounts’ player cards.

  • Continue to have fun and enjoy your regular play time.

Be careful - never share your password reset link, or a screenshot of your password reset link, with anyone else! This will allow that person to change your password. AJHQ will never ask for your password reset link.

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