What to know when contacting AJHQ

We understand that everyone has concerns about their account and we are working around the clock to help everyone as quickly and thoroughly as we can. Our responses may take longer than usual due to high volume. You can help us, help you, and fellow Jammers by following the guidelines below:
  • Please only submit one ticket and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Duplicated tickets will keep us from getting through everyone’s inquiries and lead to further delays.
  • Some issues, such as hacked account claims may take us longer to respond to as we research the issue and your account history.
  • If you are contacting us for an email change, we will need billing information provided before we can make any changes. Missing information will lead to further delays when we have to ask for it. Feel free to update your current ticket if you didn't include it originally rather than creating a new ticket.
  • Given current volumes, we are unable to update usernames as we work to make sure that all Jammers can access their account. We will resume this service once we are able to
  • If you cannot access your account please try resetting your password BEFORE contacting us.
  • Check out our Help Center for updates on the current situation and to view articles that may be of assistance
If you are getting an error at any point, please be detailed in what error you are getting so we can quickly resolve the issue. Screenshots are great and/or the text of the error you are seeing.
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If your question hasn't been answered in our help section, you can submit a request to AJ Support, and we will respond as soon as possible. Currently, support is only available in English. Submit a request