How To Enable 2-Step Verification For Animal Jam Classic?

For players who want additional account security, your parent can now enable 2-Step Verification for your Animal Jam Classic account via the Parent Dashboard. When 2-Step Verification is enabled, your player account will require both your account password and a unique verification code sent to your parent email in order to login on any new device. 

You can start the process of enabling 2-Step Verification by accessing your account's parent tools either in-game or via the parent dashboard website directly:

1. In-Game - Players can open Settings (click the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen), where at the bottom of the menu there will be a button next to Two-Step Verification reading “Manage Account."


This will not enable 2-Step Verification but instead provide a link to the Parent Dashboard, at which point the player will need to request assistance from their parent or guardian.

2. Website - Parents can log into their “Parent Tools” at where the 2-Step Verification option will be visible to toggle for each player account on which they'd like the security feature applied.


After toggling, the site will prompt for a six digit code that has been sent to the parent email. After submitting the correct verification code, 2-Step Verification will become active on the player account.


Once 2-Step Verification has been enabled in the Parent Tools, a player's account will require a verification code when logging in on new devices. A login request will generate a new verification code that is sent to the account's parent email, which will require the parent to check their email, retrieve the code, and provide that code to their child (you must use a newly generated code for every new devices' login verification).  


Note: If you are not seeing a 2FA option on your dashboard view, log out of your parent tool, clear your browser's cache, then attempt to log in again. Currently 2-Step Verification enabling is not available on mobile devices and must be completed via the online parent dashboard.

Caution_Icon.png  REMEMBER: Do not share Verification Codes with anyone else, even if they claim to be from Animal Jam HQ. AJHQ will NEVER need a Verification Code to assist you with your account.


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