What is the Jammer Wall?

The Jammer Wall is a fun and personalized way for Jammers to communicate with one another. Members can access their Jammer Wall by clicking the  jammerWall_icon.png icon at the top of their screen, and Jammers can see each other's Walls by clicking the Jammer Wall button on their Player Cards.


Customizing Your Jammer Wall

Click the  jammerWall_menu.png button in the upper left corner to customize your Jammer Wall's wallpaper, stickers, and Masterpieces.


Change the background of your Jammer Wall by clicking the jammerWall_wallpaperIcon.png tab and choosing your favorite wallpaper.


Add a bit of sticker flair to your wall by clicking the jammerWall_stickerIcon.png tab. Click and drag up to five stickers into the white squares on the left to display them.


You can even add any Masterpieces you own by clicking the jammerWall_masterpieceIcon.png  tab. Click and drag up to three Masterpieces into the white rectangles on the right to display them.


You can also click the photo to share your favorite Photo Booth image, as well as click the sticky note to leave a message to everyone who visits your Jammer Wall.


Posting On Your Jammer Wall

To post a message on your Jammer Wall, click the text box at the bottom and type in your messagejammerWall_post.png, or click the jammerWall_chat.pngbutton to choose a message. Once you have chosen the color jammerWall_color.png and background jammerWall_patternIcon.png of your message and are happy with how it looks, click the Post button to share it on your Jammer Wall.


You can reply to any message by hovering your mouse over it and clicking the jammerWall_replyIcon.png button, and you can also delete the message by clicking the jammerWall_recylceIcon.png button.


Other Tips And Tricks

Whenever anyone replies to one of your posts, you can quickly see what they said by clicking thejammerWall_notificationIcon.png button on the bottom left.


You can erase all the messages on your Jammer Wall by clicking the jammerWall_cleanUpIcon.pngbutton at the top, but remember: once a message is deleted, it's gone forever.


Don't forget to click the jammerWall_likes.png button on any Jammer Wall to show how much you like it.


You can click the jammerWall_everyone.png button to choose whether everyone, just your buddies, or nobody can post to your Jammer Wall.


The Jammer Wall should always be a fun way for Jammers to show their style and their appreciation for one another. If you see a post that is inappropriate, hover your mouse over it and click the badge button to report it.

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