What features are available to Jammers without memberships?

As you may know, it takes a lot of hard work by a lot of people at AJHQ to make Animal Jam Classic. The money that is paid by Animal Jam Classic memberships not only helps keep Animal Jam going, but it makes it possible for AJHQ to add awesome new features that all Jammers can enjoy.

While members receive some exclusive features and content, all Jammers can enjoy most of what Jamaa has to offer.

Every Jammer can:

  • Trade with their buddies and other Jammers for items and accessories.
  • Explore all of the lands and oceans of Jamaa.
  • Earn lots of Gems by playing games.
  • Decorate their den and host fun parties.
  • Go on lots of amazing Adventures.
  • Dress up their animals in cool clothes and accessories.
  • Adopt a pet.
  • Fill the pages of their Journey Book and receive prizes.
  • Submit their artwork in Jammer Central.
  • Win Gems and Diamonds in the Daily Spin.
  • Play games with their buddies and other Jammers.
  • Watch every video in Jamaa.
  • Lots and lots more!
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