What are the Animal Jam Rules?

The Animal Jam Rules exist to help every Jammer have a fun and safe time in Jamaa. A short list can be found below, and the complete Animal Jam Rules can be found here.

Use kind words!
- Animal Jam does not tolerate any inappropriate, bullying, hateful, or bad language.

Do not play unsafely or inappropriately!
- Animal Jam does not tolerate activities involving inappropriate relationship or themed parties.

Do not ask for or give personal information!
- This includes your full name, phone number, home address, email address, school name, or your username and password to Animal Jam or any other site.

Cheaters never prosper!
- This includes scamming other players for Gems or items, not being honest with a trade, and using codes and additional programs to change your Animal Jam experience.

Report and log off!
- If someone makes you feel bad or uncomfortable, you have the right to report them. There are in-game tools to help you block and report troublesome players, and be sure to tell your mom, dad, or a trusted grown up. Remember: it is OK to protect yourself!

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