What privileges are lost if my account is suspended?

AJHQ takes the safety and security of their players very seriously, and they want all Jammers to have a safe, inviting, and fun online experience.

Whether they are exploring Jamaa, chatting with their buddies, or engaging in role-play, Jammers should always follow the Animal Jam Rules. Every player must agree to the Animal Jam Rules when creating a player account, and players found in violation of the Rules may be subject to disciplinary actions.

To help keep Jamaa safe, AJHQ has a team of highly-trained moderators that constantly review in-game activity, chat, and player reports. If the moderators see behaviors such as bullying, cheating, scamming, using inappropriate language, or engaging in inappropriate role-play, disciplinary action will be taken on the player account(s) at fault.

Types Of Disciplines

  • If AJHQ's moderators find unfair trading behavior on an account, they will temporarily disable that account's trading and gifting abilities. This is done to help keep every Jammer and their items safe.
  • If the moderators find inappropriate language on an account, they will temporarily demote that account's chat setting to Bubble Chat. This is done to ensure that every Jammer can play in a safe environment.
  • If the moderators find an account that shows behavior that violates the Animal Jam Rules, the account will be suspended from logging into Animal Jam for a set period of time, and an email notification will be sent to the parent email address tied to that account.
  • Anytime a chargeback is filed for unauthorized and fraudulent charges, the account will be permanently banned.

To help Jamaa stay a safe and fun place for all Jammers, AJHQ moderators cannot lift any disciplines from player accounts. If your account was suspended or banned and you don't understand why, your parent can view your account's discipline history on their Parent Tools.

Click here to review the Animal Jam Rules in full.

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