How can I protect my items?

Below are some tips that will help you keep your hard-earned items safe while in Jamaa:

- Never give out your password! Giving out your password not only makes your items unsafe, but it is also against the Animal Jam Rules. If you share your password with someone else, they can access your player account, including all your items.

- Change your password often, but never share your password reset link, or a screenshot of your password reset link, with anyone else! This will allow that person to change your password. AJHQ will never ask for your password reset link.

- Beware of other websites promising free memberships in exchange for personal information or a program download. Many of those sites are designed to do harm to Animal Jam accounts.

- Only trade an item if you are sure you don't want it any more. If you have an item you love and don't want to trade for it, don't put it on your trade list.

- Never send another Jammer a gift as part of a trade, even if someone promises to send you a gift in return. Instead, use the Animal Jam Trading System, which is designed to help every Jammer have a fair and safe trading experience.

- Be careful around anyone who promises to tell you a code in exchange for items. In many cases, these codes are available to all Jammers for free in the Jamaa Journal, or The Daily Explorer. If someone offers you a membership code in exchange for an item, report them, block them, and walk away. Giving away membership codes is against the Animal Jam Rules.

- If someone tries to bully you into giving away your items, report them, block them, and walk away. Your items are important to you, and nobody should make you feel bad about keeping them.

- There might be some Jammers who don't know about the Trading System and need help. For these Jammers, AJHQ has made a helpful video that can be seen by clicking the Info button on the bottom of their trade list.

Remember that AJHQ will not replace any items or Gems that were lost as a result of unsafe gameplay, so be sure to follow these tips and be sure to share them with all your buddies.

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