What are Adventures?

If you're ready to help the Alphas of Jamaa in their fight against the wicked Phantoms, then Adventures are for you! Adventures start in the Adventure Base Camp, which can be reached from the Lost Temple of Zios, the World Map, or the Party List.

If you are new to the Adventure Base Camp, then you'll first want to visit the green portal labeled Training Grounds. In the Training Grounds, Liza will teach you the basics of Adventuring and defeating the Phantoms. Once you have finished your training, you can start your Adventures!


Each Adventure is a unique story that requires different types of gameplay. Different Adventures require different courage levels, so it is best to play the Adventures in order.

Animal Jam Classic members can host Adventures, which means an invite will follow them wherever they go, and Jammers from anywhere in Jamaa can join them. Members can also display their courage level on their nametag.

Each of your animals has their own series of Adventures. This means that if you started Adventuring as a fox, but now want to play as an arctic wolf, you will get to start your Adventures from the beginning.

Once you have mastered the Adventures, try them in Hard Mode, a special mode that features more Phantoms and better prizes!

There are also seasonal Adventures that can be found throughout Jamaa. These Adventures are for all Jammers, and are only available for a short period of time.

Adventuring Tips

  • Invite your buddies to go on Adventures with you. A team of Jammers working together can overcome any obstacle in their way.
  • You can keep track of where you've been in an Adventure by using the map located on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • If you get touched by Phantoms too many times, you will be put into a deep sleep, and will have to start again from the last checkpoint.
  • Some Adventures are best played with specific animals. Can you discover why?

If you have an idea for a fun Adventure, click on the light bulb under the Animal Jam Classic play area and tell AJHQ about it!

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