What are Diamonds?

Diamonds are a special currency in Jamaa that can be used to buy exclusive animals, dens, pets, armor, and other amazing items.

The Diamond Shop, located in Jamaa Township, showcases all the awesome and rare items that can be bought with Diamonds. The inventory of the Diamond Shop is always changing, so check back often and see what's new.

If you see something you like but don't have enough Diamonds for it, be sure to save up. In no time, you'll have enough Diamonds to buy your special item.

All Jammers have the chance to win Diamonds in the Daily Spin. Diamonds also come with Membership Gift Cards and Gift Certificates. Special Diamond Gift Certificates can be found at Animal Jam Outfitters.

Click here to learn more about Retail Membership Gift Cards, and click here for more information about Online Gift Certificates.

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