How do I take a screenshot?

It's easy to take a screenshot of your adventures in Jamaa!

How to Take a Screenshot on a PC

  • Press the PrtScr (Print Screen) key. On most keyboards, this key is located near the upper-right corner.
  • Open a picture editing program like Paint.
  • Press the Ctrl key and the V key at the same time to paste your screenshot.
  • Save your picture as either a .jpg or .png file.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

  • Press the Apple or Cmd key, the Shift key, and the 3 key at the same time.
  • Your screenshot will be automatically saved on your desktop as a .png file.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Chromebook

  • Press the Ctrl + Window Switcher keys at the same time. This will capture your entire screen area. If you just want to capture a specific area of the screen, press Ctrl + Shift + Window Switcher at the same time.
  • Chrome OS gives you a notification when a screenshot is captured. You can click the notification itself to open the captured screenshot. The file name will contain the date and time of the capture and will be saved as a .png file.

If you have any trouble, be sure to ask your parent for help.

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