How do I send AJHQ my ideas and requests?

Do you have great ideas for Jamaa? Would you like to see an item back in shops? Do you know of a game that would be fun to play in Jamaa? AJHQ wants to hear from you!


You can send us feedback by clicking on the purple question marks floating around different areas of Jamaa at anytime. The question mark will let you submit feedback for the specific area as well as other feedback you may wish to share.  AJHQ loves hearing from Jammers, and they constantly review Jammers suggestions! Below are all the locations you can find these purple question marks as well as their specific areas:


  • Right of Chat Box (chat feedback, words/phrases suggestions)



  • Bottom Floor of Jam Mart Clothing (new clothing/accessories)



  • Front Lobby Platform inside Sol Arcade (new Minigame suggestions)



  • Column in the Diamond Shop (new Diamond Shop items)



  • Near Door in Claws 'N Paws Pet Shop (pet suggestions)



  • Globe in Flag Shop (What other flags would you like to see?)


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If your question hasn't been answered in our help section, you can submit a request to AJ Support, and we will respond as soon as possible. Currently, support is only available in English. Submit a request