Beware of phishing scams!

Phishing is a type of online attack where an attacker pretends to be someone you know or a trusted company, like Animal Jam, in order to trick you into giving away personal information. You might receive a phishing message via email, instant message, text message, or social media platforms.

What to watch out for:

  • Beware of fake websites. If you are directed to an unrecognized website to enter your login information, do not enter it, even if you are promised a reward. These phishing sites exist solely to steal your information.
  • Be careful when clicking on links or downloading files from the internet. Hover your mouse over a link to see where it really leads, and don’t download any files from senders you don’t recognize, or if you don’t know what the file contains.
  • Be cautious of strange emails or online messages, especially if they ask for your password, your password reset link, or other personal information.
  • Check the sender’s email address. If you don’t recognize it or it has misspellings, it could be a trick!

How to tell if an email is really from Animal Jam:

  • All Animal Jam official email addresses end in
  • Watch for misspellings that can be used to fool you.
  • Typically, Animal Jam Support will not contact you unless you contacted them first by submitting a ticket. If you receive an unsolicited email claiming to be from AJ Support, it could be a scam!
  • Password resets will only come from the email address
  • If you received a password reset link and you're not sure if it's legitimate, reset the password yourself by clicking "Forgot your Password?" on the Animal Jam login page.
  • AJ Support will never ask for your password, your password reset link, a screenshot of your password reset link, or your 2FA code. Emails that request this information are ploys used to steal your information and gain access to your account.
  • If you’re not sure if an email really came from AJ Support, you can submit a new ticket and ask our team to check it out.

How to keep your account and personal information safe:

  • Keep your computer updated and free of malware and viruses - ask an adult to help with implementation of antivirus or firewall services to help keep your device safe.
  • If you received a password reset that you didn't request, consider changing the email address associated with your Animal Jam account.
  • Never share your password, your password reset link, a screenshot of your password reset link, or your 2FA code with anyone else.
  • Create a strong password and change it often. Don't use the same password on other accounts.
  • Activate 2-Factor Authentication on your accounts.
  • Don't leave your account logged in on any device.
  • Don't visit sites that offer to give you something for free in exchange for your personal information.
  • Don't download any files unless they come from a recognized, trusted sender and you know what they contain.
  • Don't click a link if you don't know where it goes. Go to the company's official website instead.
  • Use the tools supplied by your email provider to report and block suspicious messages.
  • Report phishing or impersonation emails to AJ Support.

Scammers can’t get your information unless you provide it to them. Don’t reply to a suspicious message and never share your password, your 2FA code, your password reset link, or a screenshot of your password reset link, with anyone else.


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