What should I do if I come across players who aren’t being nice or who are trying to break Animal Jam rules?

If you see players who are trying to break the rules, here are some things you can do:

1. Block the player:

When you block another player, you will not be able to see anything they say in chat, and they won’t be able to send you Jam-a-Grams or buddy requests.

 How to Block a Player

1. Click on the Jammer's name to bring up their Player Card.

2. Click on the Block Player button—the button with the red circle on it.

3. Click the green OK button to confirm.

4. Once a player has been blocked, you will not be able to see anything they say in chat.

2. Report the player:

If you witness another Jammer being mean, inappropriate or trying to break Animal Jam rules, you can report them. Remember, it’s OK to protect yourself!

 How to Report a Player 

1. Click on the Jammer's animal name to bring up their Player Card.

2. Click the Report Player button—the button with the badge on it.

3. Select a reason for your report from the list, then click the green Report button.

4. When a player has been reported, a moderator from AJHQ will review the report and take appropriate action.

3. Lock your den: 

Your den should always be a safe space for you and your buddies. Did you know you can lock your den?! Dens can be locked so no one can enter but you, OR allow only your buddies to enter and no one else!

  How to lock your den

1. To your den and click on the Edit Den Icon:

2. Click on the padlock icon that appears near the top of your screen when in edit mode. Select if you want your den open for everyone, buddies only, or no one.

3. Click on the blue X to save your settings: 

4. Protect your Jammer Wall:

You can click the  button to choose whether everyone, just your buddies, or nobody can post to your Jammer Wall.

The Jammer Wall should always be a fun way for Jammers to show their style and their appreciation for one another. If you see a post that is inappropriate, hover your mouse over it and click the badge button to report it.


How else can I help? 

If you have new or additional information to share that will aid in our investigations of player reports, please report to our Customer Support team with exact dates/times of inappropriate interactions which have taken place. Please also include where you saw the interaction take place (Animal Jam, Feral, Animal Jam Classic) and which platform you were using (desktop computer, mobile device). If the interactions took place outside of our games, we encourage you to also report them to the specific online platform where you observed them. 

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