What is a JAG?

JAGs, or Jam-a-Grams, are an in-game mail tool that allows you to send Post Cards to your buddies in game. You can find your JAG Mail by clicking the letter icon at the top left of your screen. Any new messages will be marked with "New" and any with a gift will have a "Present" icon.

To send a JAG, click on another player's nametag and then choose the Mail icon. From there, choose the background and message you would like to send. Members have the option to send and receive gifts in JAGs too.

Keep in mind that all JAGs must follow the same rules as chat. Our moderators review all JAGs and may disable your ability to use them if you break the rules. Since moderators have to review all JAGs, it may not arrive right away. If you don't see it after 24 hours, contact our support team for assistance.


- Once you send an item in a JAG, it is no longer yours. Don't let anyone "borrow" your items.

- JAGs should NOT be used for trading. It is unsafe an may result in your items being taken.

- Our team will not be able to restore or return any item lost in JAGs.

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