FAQ: Animal Jam's aMAYzing Migration to a New Name!

Q. What is Animal Jam Classic?
A. Animal Jam Classic (released in 2010) is the ORIGINAL Animal Jam that we all know and love that has captivated players for nearly 10 years! To honor its heritage, the original Animal Jam will be known as AJ Classic moving forward. Players will still be able to play Animal Jam through the Animal Jam Desktop player and internet browser.

Q. Why are you now calling Animal Jam, Animal Jam Classic?
A. Animal Jam Classic is the original game we all know and love. We wish to preserve that amazing legacy and the timelessness of Animal Jam Classic with this name, honoring its role and importance in the lives of millions of players.

Q. Play Wild is now called Animal Jam?
A. Yes, the mobile game Animal Jam - Play Wild will now be referred to as Animal Jam moving forward. Animal Jam (formally Play Wild) originally launched in 2015 as a newer, 3D version of Animal Jam for mobile devices. Mobile platforms have grown rapidly and extensively since the original launch of Animal Jam Classic. Animal Jam is now playable on mobile devices as well as a downloadable desktop version for PC and Mac. We look forward to continuing to bring new features, better graphics and an improved desktop and mobile experience to our players around the world.

Q. Is the original Animal Jam going away?
A. Animal Jam Classic, previously known as the original Animal Jam, isn’t going anywhere! You will be able to play Animal Jam Classic using a downloadable desktop app or an internet browser (as long as Flash is still functional).

Q. How can I still play Animal Jam (Classic)?
A. The easiest way to play Animal Jam Classic is to download the AJ Classic Desktop App to your computer! Flash will slowly become unsupported by many internet browsers, the desktop app will allow you to play AJ Classic without interruption.

Q. I’ve been playing Animal Jam Classic, but how do I play Animal Jam?
A. Animal Jam (previously known as Animal Jam - Play Wild) is available for mobile download from: the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store. Animal Jam is also available as a desktop download from AnimalJam.com (AnimalJam.com/apps).

Q. Will my items, animals, pets, or currency on Animal Jam Classic carry over to Animal Jam?
A. Animal Jam Classic and Animal Jam (previously Play Wild) are separate games. You will have items, pets and currency in each game, but these are not transferable between either game. Think of them as individual worlds.

Q. What about my membership on Animal Jam Classic?
A. Your membership on AJ Classic will continue to provide access to member animals, pets, dens, and items. Also, If you log into Animal Jam (with your same credentials) your AJ Classic membership will also give you access to member content in Animal Jam such as; Pet Expeditions, Pet Nurturing, My Shop, and other exclusive content!

Q. Wait Animal Jam Classic and Animal Jam are two different games?
A. Yes, Animal Jam Classic has up to now been based on Flash and Desktop. Animal Jam is a different game, focused on both desktop and mobile applications.

Q. I can use the same information to log in on both games?
A. Your Username and Password will work in both Animal Jam Classic and Animal Jam. You do not need to create separate logins for each game. If you’ve already created an account on one of these games, then simply log into the other with the same information.

Q. What are the different devices or ways that I can play Animal Jam Classic?
A. You can play Animal Jam Classic using an internet browser or using the downloadable Desktop App from AnimalJam.com/apps.

Q. What are the different devices or ways that I can play Animal Jam?
A. To play Animal Jam on a mobile device, your device should at minimum: use OS 4.1 or later for Android or iOS 10.0 or later for Apple mobile devices. You can also play Animal Jam using the Desktop App that is downloadable from AnimalJam.com/apps.

Q. Do I have to buy a separate membership to each game (one for AJ Classic and one for AJ)?
A. We may have two different games, but our membership has dual benefits. That means if you already have membership in one of these games, you’ll also have membership in the other! Just log in to the other game with your same information to unlock your benefits.

Q. What is the aMAYzing Migration?
A. The aMAYzing Migration is a celebration of migrations events around the world. Starting on May 1st, players logging into Animal Jam can join the celebration and collect new daily rewards!

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