What if I get an error trying to update my username?

If you get an "OOPS!" error, please refresh your screen and try again, this means your username does not fit into one of our rules.

There are a few reasons you may see that error 

  • You may be trying to capitalize a letter other than the first letter of the username. For example Pinkjammer714 would be accepted, however pinkJammer714 would result in an error.
  • You may be trying to capitalize multiple letters. PiNkJaMmEr would not be approved
  • You may be trying to use special characters that are not approved.
  • The username may be taken even if you don't think it is or is searchable. It's been taken in our database for some reason.
  • You may have entered a space in the username, or at the end of the username. Pink Jammer714 or (PinkJammer714 ) would not be accepted.
  • You may be trying to use the same name, with different letters capitalized. If your current username is Pinkjammer714, you cannot update it to pinkjammer714.
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