What Billing Information Do I Need To Provide?

There are times in which we need to request billing information in order to verify your account or transaction. This information is used to prove account ownership or transaction history and more importantly, to ensure safety and security of your account.

Please note that the billing information we request is only used for verification purposes and cannot be used for any other reason. 

Please provide the following information corresponding to your account membership or payment method:  

Account Information (if known)
* Username
* Parent email address linked to the username


Club Membership via our Membership Page 

Credit Card Payment Billing Info:

* Full name billed under
* Full Billing address
* Last 4 digits of the Credit Card

PayPal Billing Info:

* PayPal Email Address
* PayPal Transaction ID OR PayPal Receipt ID OR AJ Transaction ID 

Amazon Payments Billing Info:

* Amazon Email
* Amazon Provider Order ID or AJ Transaction ID

PagSeguro (formerly BoaCompra) Billing Info:

* The PagSeguro account email address used to purchase membership (if different from the parent email)
* The PagSeguro Transaction ID (provided by PagSeguro when the transaction was completed)

PayPal Digital Gift Card:
* A copy of your PayPal receipt

If your order was a PayPal Digital Gift Card and you have not received your redemption code via email, please first check your junk or spam folder. For any questions on billing, receiving your code or refunds with the PayPal Digital Gift Card, please contact PayPal at 1-877-569-1148 (within U.S.) or 1-402-935-2177 (outside U.S.). You can also send an email through the https://www.paypal-gifts.com/us/contact-us/ page.


Animal Jam Retail Gift Card from an authorized retailer:  

* The PIN (located under the scratch-off portion on the back of the card)
* The name of the retailer where you purchased your card 


Animal Jam Gift Certificate via Animal Jam Outfitters Shop 

Credit Card Payment Billing Info:

* Name on the Card or Name On the Order
* Full Billing address
* The last 4 digits of the Credit Card used OR Order ID 

PayPal Billing Info:

* PayPal Email Address
* PayPal Transaction ID OR PayPal Receipt ID OR Order ID


Animal Jam - In-app Purchase:

- To verify your purchase, please send a full, unedited screenshot of your receipt to our support team along with your username and parent email.

- Make sure that the screenshot is attached to your email as a .PDF, .JPEG, or .GIF.

- You can locate your receipt by logging into your device-specific store and checking under your payment or purchase history.

- Please specify in your email the issue you are experiencing and any steps you have already taken as this will help our staff assist you.

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