What should I do if I am experiencing technical difficulties?

For instructions to download the Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic Desktop apps, please click here.

Please try the following troubleshooting tips for the most commonly encountered technical difficulties while playing Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic. 

If you are having difficulty downloading the desktop app:

  • Close all browser windows—if you are using a Mac, you must fully quit the program through the menu—and check to be sure that your internet browser is updated to its most current version. Then restart your browser and try your download again.

  • Clear your browser's cache.

  • Verify that the time and date on your computer are accurate.

If you are having difficulty opening or running the desktop app:

  • Check the available storage in your settings. Be sure that you have at least 1 GB of free space available on your device.

  • Be sure your device meets our minimum system requirements. 

  • Check to be sure that your device's Operating System version is up to date. 

  • When loading the Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic app, be sure to close all other apps running in the background. Make sure your computer isn't downloading anything else, as this can slow down your connection.

  • If you or anyone in your household use a VPN service or IP mask, try turning this off when running Animal Jam.

  • If possible, try logging in from a different computer or device to see if the issue persists. If it does not, the issue most likely lies with the device itself.

  • Try logging in at a different location or from a different internet connection. If the issue is resolved by changing connections, then the issue most likely lies with your internet connection or setup.

  • If you are experiencing a problem with your internet connection, verify that your network and computer hardware are in working order, then contact your Internet Service Provider's customer support.

  • Try uninstalling, then reinstalling the app.

  • Check our Known Bugs and Issues article to see if your issue is listed.

If none of these tips help, please submit a ticket with the following information:

    • Device specs (what type of computer, laptop or mobile device are you using)
    • What is your operating system and version
    • Description of the issue with specific error message if applicable
    • How long has the issue been going on?
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